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August 12, 2014

CAW Outreach has nominated ALL CAW EMPLOYEES, FRIENDS, AND FANS to the Leap Sandcastle No Ice Bucket Challenge!

Similar to the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that you have seen on YouTube and performed by celebrities everywhere, we are asking for donations to help a great cause. The difference is that we are actually requiring that you DO NOT dump an ice bucket on your head and instead JUST give a donation. We recognize that California is in a drought, so we would like to encourage that people conserve their ice to use it for things like filling a garbage can to stick your foot in after playing basketball or making a delicious glass of iced coffee…and help arts education at the same time!

It’s a win-win! It’s the No Ice Bucket Challenge!

The cause is Leap Arts for Education and it provides valuable arts education to elementary school students in the Bay Area. Leap is a non-profit that was founded in response to California’s Proposition 13, which effectively eliminated state funding for arts education in public elementary schools. Today Leap provides over 30 schools and 7,000 students with amazing programs that include architecture, dance, creative writing, chorus, drumming, theatre, and visual arts.

Our fundraising deadline is actually TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, which is now only 4 DAYS AWAY! If you were thinking about making a donation, today is the day to do it. Even the tiniest bit will help us to reach our goal and support the CAW Sandcastle Team and arts education in schools throughout the Bay Area.

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